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The Patient Care Team provides the care services that transform your home into a secure and nurturing environment.

  • Care Coordinator -  She is the team leader and will be the one you call with any and all concerns.  The Care Coordinator manages your team and ensures that all your needs are met.

  • Nurse - One of our Registered Nurses, the team supervisor, will get to know the patient medically as well as personally.  She will be the one to assess all care needs, contact the Doctor and create a Plan of Care that is unique to those needs. All other members of the Team involved will be instructed and supervised by the Nurse.

  • Home Health Aide - Personal care, on which the patient relies, is  provided by our Certified Home Health Aides.  Assistance with bathing, dressing, light house keeping, food preparation and companionship is the Home Health Aide's expertise.  Their compassionate, respectful approach to implementing the Plan of Care is what directly leads to improvement of the quality of life we so wish to afford our patients.

  • Physical and Occupational Therapists - Our highly trained certified therapists are accomplished in maximizing mobility and function.  They capably help the patient learn how to effectively use canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and to relearn use of hands leading to increased independence.

  • Speech Therapists - Learning to swallow can mean a great deal to maintaining health and our certified speech language pathologist is an expert in this area.  For patients who have lost the ability to speak properly the speech therapist uses professional techniques to help regain this function.

  • Nutritional Counselor - Special diets relating to the Nurse's and Doctor's orders need to be designed for patients with medically directed restrictions.  Our licensed nutritionist makes sure that those dietary requirements are met.

 Our Patient Care Team is the driving force that enables us to meet our goals for you.

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