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The Process - We Go The Extra Mile

We, at Scharome Cares, can help you get the care you need, whether for yourself, a family member, or a loved one. The process begins simply because once you choose Scharome Cares we will guide you to the best home care for which you are entitled. 

1.  The Referral - The referral is your entree to our services. One of our Care Coordinators will review the patients needs, then call the patient and let her know that a nurse is coming to do an assessment.

2.  The Nurse - One of our Registered Nurses will call to set up an appointment to see the patient, usually within 24 hours of receiving the referral.

3.  Doctor's Orders - The Nurse will contact the patient's Doctor and get the required orders from him.

4.  Plan of Care - With the assessment and Doctor's orders in hand the Nurse will create a Plan of Care and begin assigning the members of the Patient Care Team that are needed to implement it. For example, if the patient needs physical therapy, she will have a therapist come to the home to do an evaluation and treatment will be scheduled.  If medication pre-pour is needed that will be arranged so that a nurse comes to the home to do this. The personal care needs of the patient are listed for the Home Health Aide and number of hours are designated.

5.  Home Health Aide - The Care Coordinator will match an appropriate Home Health Aide with the patient.  She will speak with the patient and family to find out what they would like from this caregiver.  Does the patient need an aide who speaks her language?  Does the patient need an aide who can prepare food in a kosher home?  Does the patient need an aide who is outgoing and conversational? These requests are helpful in assisting  the Care Coordinator in assigning a compatible caregiver.

6.  The Patient - The patient now will be called by the Care Coordinator to find our how she is doing with our care. The nurse will supervise the therapists and aides and do a reassessment periodically.  Our Field Coordinator will drop by the home to supervise the aide and meet with the patient

As our Patient Care Team becomes an important part of the patient's life she will thrive in the comfort and familiar surroundings of her home.